Andrew's Vision


As a product of Kanawha County Schools and the son of a life-long teacher, I truly understand the issues facing West Virginia’s education system. Education is an investment for the future. I will work hard to ensure that teachers and school personnel have the resources needed to secure a successful future for our students.



Seniors are a fast growing population in West Virginia. We need to provide our seniors with the highest standard of care and benefits they deserve. Seniors have lived the past, and have shaped our future. We need to make certain that West Virginia seniors receive the protections they earned through a lifetime of hard work.



We have an obligation to care for and honor all veterans for their service, bravery and sacrifice. When our freedom was threatened, our veterans protected and preserved it. As true American heroes, our commitment to West Virginia Veterans and their families needs to be strong and of the utmost importance.


Jobs and Economic Development

West Virginia has a strong workforce and we need to make sure that our workforce is at work. Recognizing that this is a top priority for the people of West Virginia, I will be a strong proactive leader in promoting job creation and economic growth. We need to not only expand current businesses in West Virginia, but attract new businesses to our state so that all West Virginians have an opportunity to find work and contribute to our economy.


West Virginia Resources

West Virginia is filled with natural resources. These resources have provided jobs, created opportunities, and supported families for decades in West Virginia. We need to ensure that this continues in the future. This can be accomplished through hard work and diligence while ensuring that West Virginia’s landscape stayswild and wonderful.


Andrew D. Byrd